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Goal 9: Strong Aboriginal workforce participation, in all sectors and at all levels

Fully participating in the economy provides Aboriginal Victorians with the resources they need to determine the future they want.

Economic participation is therefore key to Aboriginal self‑determination.

9.1 Increase Aboriginal workforce participation

9.1.1 Employment to population ratio

9.1.2 Proportion employed in full-time versus part-time or casual employment

9.1.3 Aboriginal jobseekers supported into work

9.2 Increase workforce participation for women

9.2.1 Workforce participation of women

9.3 Increase workforce participation for Aboriginal young people, people with a disability and people living in regional areas

9.3.1 Workforce participation by age, disability status and regional versus metropolitan

9.4 Increase Aboriginal leadership and representation across all sectors and levels

9.4.1 Aboriginal employment by sector, industry and occupation – with analysis by growth industry

9.4.2 Proportion of Aboriginal people employed across the VPS (with 2% target by 2022)

9.4.3 Number of Aboriginal people at VPS 6 level and above in the VPS

9.4.4 Number of Aboriginal people participating on government boards