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Goal 7: Aboriginal learners achieve their full potential after school

The opportunities and pathways made available to students immediately after high school can help set up a strong foundation for a successful, healthy and prosperous future.

Aboriginal learners must be supported to pursue their pathway of choice, whether that be further education, training or formal employment. This means making these opportunities more accessible for Aboriginal young people, as well as ensuring young people feel supported to follow their ambitions.

Lifelong learning must also be accessible and encouraged for adult Aboriginal Victorians, particularly those facing additional challenges to social and economic participation.

Proportion of 17 to 24 year old school leavers participating in full time education and training and/or employment

Participation and completion of Victorian 18 to 24 year-olds in VET(a) or university studies

Proportion of 20 to 64 year-olds with qualifications at Certificate III level or above

Proportion of 20 to 64 year-old government-funded and total VET graduates employed and/or in further study after training

Proportion of graduates and cadets employed in VPS – retention, progression and satisfaction

Reviewed 21 September 2022

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) data dashboard

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