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Goal 11: Aboriginal Victorians enjoy health and longevity

Enjoying good health and wellbeing is fundamental.

While many Aboriginal Victorians report good health and there have been areas of improvement, government, services and communities need to take significant steps to improve health outcomes and quality of life for all Aboriginal Victorians.

Improving health outcomes and having a good quality of life will ensure all Victorian Aboriginal communities can thrive.

11.1 Improve Aboriginal health status, quality of life and life expectancy

Life expectancy at birth in Victoria

Proportion of age standardised self-assessed health status

Age standardised proportion of persons aged 18 and above who are daily smokers in Victoria

Separations per 1,000 population for preventable hospitalisations in Victoria

Cancer incidence for Victorians

Closed episodes for alcohol and other drug treatment services in Victoria

Reviewed 21 September 2022

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) data dashboard

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