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Goal 1: Aboriginal children are born healthy and thrive

The first 5 years of a child's life are fundamental to shaping their future.

Delivering better maternal and early childhood services means removing barriers, promoting genuine and effective partnerships and supporting Aboriginal families to access culturally safe services.

1.1 Improve maternal and infant health

Babies born with low birth weight

Babies born preterm

Perinatal deaths

Maternal smoking during first 20 weeks of pregnancy

1.2 Children thrive in their first 1,000 days

Participation rates for Maternal and Child Health at key ages and stages of consultations

Attendance at Koori Maternity Services

Immunisation rates

Participation of 0–5 years children in Supported Playgroups (SPG)

Reviewed 21 September 2022

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) data dashboard

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