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Goal 3: Aboriginal families and households thrive

Family violence has a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal people in Victoria, particularly women and children, regardless of where they live.

Aboriginal communities in Victoria have consistently led the way in developing strategic priorities and actions to prevent family violence. This is demonstrated through strong whole‑of‑community engagement initiatives that bring together women, men, children and Elders to collectively break the cycles of violence.

3.1 Reduce the incidence and impact of family violence affecting Aboriginal families

Family violence incidents by other party

Family violence incidents against an affected family member

Notifications to child protection for children and young people where family violence is identified

3.2 Increase income and housing security for Aboriginal households

Proportion of adults who did not run out of food and could afford to buy more, in the last 12 months

Proportion of households with less than 50% median equivalised income

Proportion of Victorian households in rental and mortgage stress

Proportion of Victorians who are homeless or accessing homelessness services

Proportion of Aboriginal Victorians living in over-crowded dwellings

Reviewed 21 September 2022

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) data dashboard

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