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Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll celebrates Aboriginal excellence and leadership

Victoria celebrates the newest inductees to the prestigious Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll. From cultural advocates to pioneering public servants, these distinguished leaders embody a commitment to building a fairer and better society for all Victorians.

Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll Performers Artist: Culture Evolves; Photographer: TJ Garvie

The Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll celebrates the remarkable contributions of Aboriginal trailblazers who have shaped Victoria and created a fairer and better place for all Victorians.

Since it started in 2011, the Honour Roll has recognised 150 Aboriginal people. The inductees span generations and professions and reflect the richness and complexity of Indigenous identity. From art and activism to sports and academia, each inductee represents a chapter in the ongoing story of Aboriginal resilience and excellence.

This year's Honour Roll recognises 11 distinguished leaders. They come from across Victoria and all have made significant contributions to their respective fields. The inductees include advocates for cultural heritage and land rights, workers in the justice, health and welfare systems, educators, Victoria's first Aboriginal VFL umpire, and a prominent public servant. It is a diverse group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities and making a positive impact on Victorian society.

The Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll 2023 inductees are:

  • Aunty Hazel Atkinson
  • Aunty Linda Bamblett
  • Uncle John Russell Brown
  • Aunty Barbara Francis Day (posthumous)
  • Uncle Patrick Farrant Snr
  • Aunty Margaret Gloria Gardiner (posthumous)
  • Uncle Andrew Morgan Jackomos PSM
  • Uncle Glenn Robert James OAM
  • Uncle Allan Murray Snr
  • Dr Lois Peeler AM
  • Terrie Ann Stewart.