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Aboriginal Community Infrastructure Program

Funding up to $1.6 million is available for Aboriginal organisations to build new community infrastructure or repair, refurbish or expand existing community infrastructure.

Who can apply:
Not-for-profit groups
Open, closing in 56 days
$50,000 - $1,600,000

The Aboriginal Community Infrastructure Program (ACIP) is a grants program which enables Aboriginal organisations to build new fit-for-purpose infrastructure or to repair, refurbish or expand existing infrastructure to support Aboriginal Victorians to thrive, and live self-determined and culturally rich lives. 

To meet the needs of Aboriginal Victorians, the program supports organisations to:

  • improve the delivery and responsiveness of services to communities
  • improve cultural connectedness and community safety
  • improve health and well being of communities
  • improve education and economic participation opportunities for communities.

Program administration

The Department of Government Services (DGS) is engaged to administer ACIP on behalf of the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). A project control group consisting of representatives from both Departments oversees the Program.

Applicants must contact DGS on to discuss their project proposal prior to submission.