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How to find a Heritage Advisor

Find a Heritage Advisor using the Heritage Advisor List.

Heritage Advisors can help you prepare a Cultural Heritage Management Plan or provide other assessment and management advice about Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The Heritage Advisor List is a resource to assist sponsors, developers, land managers and others who want to engage a Heritage Advisor. The list shows heritage consultancy organisations and the qualifications of individual Heritage Advisors.

Being on the Heritage Advisor List does not mean that a Heritage Advisor is endorsed or recommended by First Peoples - State Relations. When you seek the services of a Heritage Advisor, you can request references and examples of previous work that have met prescribed standards.

Six-month transitional period: Following on from the release of new Minister's Guidelines and the Code of Conduct in March 2024, a new format Heritage Advisor List will be in place after six months, from 22 September 2024, which will include additional searchable information about Heritage Advisor qualifications and experience. The Heritage Adviser List will continue in its current form during the six-month transitional period.

Once the six month transitional period is completed, all the Heritage Advisors on the Heritage Advisor List will have:

Download the current Heritage Advisor List

This List is updated monthly. Heritage Advisors on this List have either met the previous Minister's Guidelines on Heritage Advisor Qualifications, or been accepted on the basis of 'extensive experience or knowledge'.

Heritage Advisor List
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More information

For further information about the Heritage Advisor List, email your queries to or call 1800 762 003.