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Domain 3: Opportunity & prosperity

Our shared commitment: ‘Building opportunity and economic prosperity for all Aboriginal Victorians.’

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework - Domain 3 Chapter
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Goal 8: Aboriginal workers achieve wealth equality

Objective 8.1 Increase Aboriginal household income in line with the Victorian median

Objective 8.2 Increase Aboriginal home ownership in line with the Victorian average

Objective 8.3 Increase Aboriginal business ownership and support Aboriginal entrepreneurs

Aboriginal Victorians have a long history of enterprise. Today, successful Aboriginal entrepreneurs are role models for young Aboriginal people. As businesses grow and develop, they allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to step forward. Over time, this strengthens the economic position of Aboriginal communities.

Raising Aboriginal household income supports personal and collective agency and enables Aboriginal Victorians to have equal access to opportunities. Home ownership is an aspiration held by many Aboriginal Victorians. Among other benefits, home ownership enables Aboriginal Victorians to obtain financial gain from the intergenerational transfer of wealth.

We need Aboriginal business in Aboriginal hands. - Community forum participant, Robinvale 

Goal 9: Strong Aboriginal workforce participation, in all sectors and at all levels

Objective 9.1 Increase Aboriginal workforce participation

Objective 9.2 Increase workforce participation for Aboriginal women

Objective 9.3 Increase workforce participation for Aboriginal young people, people with a disability and people living in regional areas

Objective 9.4 Increase Aboriginal leadership and representation across all sectors and levels

Fully participating in the economy provides Aboriginal Victorians with the resources they need to determine the future they want. Economic participation is therefore key to Aboriginal self-determination.

Building work opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal young people, women, people living with a disability and those in regional areas is key to inclusive economic growth. Greater effort is needed to ensure that all Aboriginal Victorians – in all levels, across all sectors – are better represented.

Aboriginal staff bring unique knowledge, skills and expertise to the workforce and understand the needs and aspirations of the Aboriginal community. Further work is required to improve the representation of Aboriginal people in the Victorian Public Service (VPS) as well as other sectors, and to enhance the quality of the workplace and career experiences of Aboriginal staff.

[There] needs to be a localised focus on employment. - Community forum participant, Bendigo 

[We need to] increase Aboriginal employment at executive levels. -  Community forum participant, Horsham

Goal 10: Aboriginal income potential is realised

Objective 10.1 Increase Victoria's Aboriginal gross income and decrease the opportunity cost of Aboriginal income inequality

Aboriginal people, organisations and businesses already make valuable contributions to Victoria's diverse economy. Aboriginal economic development is vital to growing Victoria's wealth generally and to increasing overall economic productivity and competitive advantage. If the talent and aspiration of Aboriginal Victorians is given full expression in the Victorian economy, there is significant opportunity for Aboriginal income growth.