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Principles needed to activate ‘self-determination’


Community is the lead voice for Closing the Gap, with each ACCO sector and Aboriginal Governance Forum representative in the Ngaweeyan Maar-oo being an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.

Delegates will be chosen by the relevant organisation or Forum, free from influence from government.

Resourcing and remuneration

The Partnership Forum is appropriately resourced to undertake its function as Victoria’s formal implementation partner, per Clause 33 of the National Agreement. Investment to support the implementation of the National Agreement will be sustainable, flexible and appropriate.

Under clause 33 of the National Agreement, funding will be made available to: engage independent policy advice; meet independently of government; support strengthened governance; and engage and seek input from First Peoples from all relevant groups.


Agreed governance for how decisions will be made is outlined below in the Terms Of Reference contained in this Agreement.

Ngaweeyan Maar-oo members have time to consider and consult prior to making decisions.

Shared decision making

There is transparency in decision-making, with clear responsibilities for Ngaweeyan Maar-oo members and government members, and there are mechanisms to hold Ngaweeyan Maar-oo and government to account.

Co-Chairs need to be present at each meeting, with protocols in place when co-chairing is not possible. Co-Chairs need to be accountable and supported in their decisions.

Integrations: services, geography, opportunitiesThe Closing the Gap sectors are not mutually exclusive from one another and need to be connected seamlessly. The principle of promoting and respecting self-determination drives all policy making. Following the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is fundamental.