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This Partnership Agreement (Agreement) outlines the agreed arrangements for the formal partnership between the parties of the Closing the Gap Partnership Forum (Partnership Forum) across all targets and priority reform areas as outlined in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap (National Agreement). This Agreement comprises a Preamble, outlining the Partnership Forum's partnership approach to implementing the National Agreement, and a Terms of Reference.

Ngaweeyan Maar-oo (representing the 13 elected Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) sector representatives and Aboriginal Governance Forums) and senior executives of the Victorian Government comprise the Partnership Forum. Together Ngaweeyan Maar-oo and the Victorian Government are committed to partnership actions under the National Agreement, including policy partnerships, sector strengthening, place-based partnerships and data projects.

All parties to this Agreement acknowledge that ensuring Aboriginal voices and leadership are heard, respected, and acknowledged appropriately is key to achieving self-determination, as are transparent negotiation and data sharing, and tangible activities to ensure mainstream accountability.

The National Agreement is an ongoing Agreement, until replaced by a future National Agreement. The parties to this Agreement are committed to Closing the Gap implementation until 2031, in alignment with the timeframes for achieving the National Agreement's socioeconomic targets.