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Partnership context

As a signatory to the National Agreement, the Victorian Government must uphold the National Agreement’s strong partnership elements outlined in clauses 32 and 22. This includes:

  • partnerships are accountable and representative
  • formal agreements are in place
  • decision-making is shared between government and First Peoples
  • adequate funding is provided to support First Peoples’ parties to partner with government.

The National Agreement also commits the Victorian Government to changing the ways in which it works with First Peoples communities and organisations. Victoria's Closing the Gap Implementation Plan 2021-2023 (Implementation Plan) sets the groundwork for this necessary change by prioritising partnerships in decision-making between governments and First Peoples communities, and making mainstream organisations more culturally safe, responsive and accountable to the needs of First Peoples.

The Partnership Forum is responsible for the development, oversight and review of Victoria’s actions towards Closing the Gap, including the Implementation Plan and activities that support sector strengthening and priority reform areas.

The Partnership Forum is Victoria's sole formal implementation partner under the National Agreement.