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The Framework is a vehicle for delivering better outcomes for First Peoples. To achieve this, Primary Negotiating Parties may consider it beneficial to the Treaty Process to involve other persons and groups in the Treaty negotiations.

22 Invitation to Additional Negotiating Parties

(a) The Primary Negotiating Parties for any Treaty may, by agreement between them, invite other persons or groups to participate in all or any part of their negotiations as Additional Negotiating Parties at any time prior to formalisation of a Treaty.

(b) Any Additional Negotiating Parties must be entered onto the Negotiations Database in accordance with clause 23 prior to entering any Treaty negotiation. The scope of any Additional Negotiating Parties' inclusion and role, including in arrangements for formalising agreement, is subject to the agreement of the Primary Negotiating Parties, the process for which can be recorded on the Negotiation Protocols agreed under clause 26.1.

23 Entry of Additional Negotiating Parties onto the Negotiations Database

(a) If requested to do so by all Primary Negotiating Parties to any Treaty negotiation, the Treaty Authority must, on their behalf, extend an invitation to a prospective Additional Negotiating Party to enter into that Treaty negotiation.

(b) If the prospective Additional Negotiating Party accepts that invitation in whole or in part, the Treaty Authority will enter the following details of the Additional Negotiating Party onto the Negotiations Database:

  • (i) date of entry on the Negotiations Database;
  • (ii) the name and members, if any, of the Additional Negotiating Party;
  • (iii) who will represent the Additional Negotiating Party in Treaty negotiations (Negotiators);
  • (iv) the relevant Treaty negotiation in which they have been invited to participate; and
  • (v) details of the scope of the Additional Negotiating Party’s invitation including:
    • (A) whether the Additional Negotiating Party will be a party to Interim Agreements or formalised Treaties;
    • (B) whether the Additional Negotiating Party was invited to participate in all or only part of the Treaty negotiation; and
    • (C) if the invitation was only to participate in part of the Treaty negotiation, the details of the part of the Treaty negotiations to which the Additional Negotiating Party has been invited to participate.