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Targets and outcomes

The National Agreement sets out 17 national socio-economic targets across areas that have an impact on life outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Overview of targets

In addition, the VAAF, as Victoria’s overarching framework for Aboriginal affairs, includes 111 measures developed after extensive community consultation. It commits Victoria to achieving 11 key outcomes across cultural safety, service or system access and equity. The VAAF recognises that to achieve positive outcomes, we must fundamentally change the way governments work with Aboriginal people.

These existing outcomes paired with the socio-economic targets under the National Agreement bring together a comprehensive set of data that can help community hold government to account on whether our combined efforts are having an impact. These targets cut across key domains including culture, health and wellbeing, justice, learning and family.

The Victorian Government recognises that these targets set out the minimum level of ambition to be achieved through the National Agreement and commits to the achievement of equity against all measures and outcomes in the VAAF. Our actions will also embed a specific focus on cohorts facing multiple barriers to achieving equitable outcomes, including Aboriginal Elders, young people, LQBTQI+ people, and people with disability. Victoria is exploring, in partnership with our Implementation Partners and key stakeholders, options to address key gaps in the National Agreement such as disability.

While the National Agreement aims for nationally consistent outcomes, the approach and appropriate method for achieving those outcomes will depend on the unique context of each jurisdiction. The commitments under the National Agreement provide a baseline level for targets and a partnership approach. Victoria’s broader self-determination agenda seeks to move beyond partnership and towards co-ownership and a transfer of decision-making and resource control. In Victoria, we will continue to be guided by the VAAF on more ambitious targets, as these were developed through extensive consultation with community.  

To ensure these socio-economic targets are monitored, and that government remains accountable throughout the lifespan of the National Agreement, each outcome and the associated targets will be allocated to existing Aboriginal governance forums for monitoring and review throughout the life of the National Agreement. Allocating targets to existing governance forums will ensure sector-specific experts can oversee issues, actions and outcomes and adapt as necessary. It also minimises governance burden, by utilising existing forums and limiting duplication.

In addition, we will continue to report on progress under the VAAF via the VGAAR, which will be integrated with reporting on the National Agreement.