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Schedule B

Assessment and selection of the preferred candidates will be based on the selection criteria below.

Individual key selection criteria

All candidates must demonstrate they meet the key selection criteria below:

  • Impartiality – the Treaty Authority must be, and must be seen to be, impartial and objective in carrying out its functions. All candidates must demonstrate that they are free from any external influence which may undermine their ability to be impartial and objective, or which could be perceived by others as undermining their ability to be impartial and objective. For the avoidance of doubt, a person’s status as a Traditional Owner alone does not remove a candidate’s ability to be impartial. All candidates must understand that impartiality builds trust in their ability to make decisions and take action.
  • Commitment to self-determination and empowerment – the Treaty Authority will observe and uphold self-determination and empowerment and must be accountable to the First Peoples’ community. Candidates must be connected with and be a valued member of the First Peoples’ community and demonstrate that they are committed to achieving self-determination and empowerment for First Peoples.
  • Good character, courage and integrity – the candidates must demonstrate that they have high moral character and integrity and are widely respected. They must have the courage to listen, learn and make sound decisions.
  • Cultural knowledge, wisdom and humility – the Treaty Authority will observe and uphold Aboriginal Lore and Law and develop its mandate to uphold Cultural Authority. Candidates must have a demonstrated ability to identify and understand Aboriginal Lore and Law for different First Peoples’ groups, Cultural Authority for different First Peoples’ groups and ways of doing business in the Victorian context.
  • Supporting positive relationships – the Treaty Authority will engage with people with different lived experiences working within different operational contexts. The candidates must have a demonstrated ability to bring people together to find shared understandings and promote clear communication and respectful interactions.
  • Technically competent and experienced – the candidates must have a demonstrated ability to perform one or more of the functions of the Treaty Authority to a high standard.

Group key selection criteria

The Members must collectively meet the group selection criteria below. Candidates should demonstrate whether they meet one or more of the following:

  • demonstrated expertise in cultural safety and healing for First Peoples
  • demonstrated expertise in the use of First Peoples’ culture to empower First Peoples in the pursuit of self-determination
  • demonstrated expertise in culturally respectful leadership and collaboration
  • demonstrated experience in facilitating negotiations and dispute resolution, including mediation experience
  • contributing to a gender balance across the Members and
  • demonstrated understanding of the practices and processes of government.