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1. About the Agreement

1.1 Object
The object of this Agreement is to establish the Self-Determination Fund in accordance with Part 6 of the Treaty Act.

1.2 Purposes
Pursuant to section 36(1) of the Treaty Act, the Self-Determination Fund has the following purposes:

  • supporting First Peoples to have equal standing with the State in Treaty negotiations; and
  • providing a financial resource, independent from the State, that empowers First Peoples to build capacity, wealth and prosperity.

Pursuant to section 36(2) of the Treaty Act, the Self-Determination Fund has such additional purposes agreed in future by the Parties in writing, consistent with the Treaty Act.

1.3 Principles
The Self-Determination Fund will operate according to the following principles:

  • Self-determination and empowerment
    • The Self-Determination Fund will give effect to self-determination and empowerment and support First Peoples to make decisions about First Peoples’ financial resources.
  • Fairness and equity
    • The Self-Determination Fund will be administered in a way that fairly and equitably benefits First Peoples.
  • Responsiveness
    • The Self-Determination Fund will be a flexible and adaptive financial resource that First Peoples can access in line with their Treaty negotiation needs and their broader priorities and aspirations.
  • Innovation
    • The Self-Determination Fund will support innovative processes and programs, which transform and improve on existing approaches to resourcing First Peoples, so that First Peoples prosper in the modern economy in innovative, culturally strong ways.
  • Respect
    • The Self-Determination Fund will reflect First Peoples’ values and waysof doing business. The Self-Determination Fund will respect and support First Peoples’ governance structures.
  • Safety
    • The Self-Determination Fund will be administered with care, diligence, and prudence for the benefit of First Peoples now and into the future.
  • Transparency and accountability
    • The Self-Determination Fund will be administered with transparency and be accountable to First Peoples.