This website contains images of people who have passed away.


As is our custom, and for the purposes of this foreword, I acknowledge the Traditional Owners across the State of Victoria and pay my respects to your Elders both past and present, in particular to those that have fought hard to maintain a strong cultural connection to your land and waters.

Inevitably, government agencies are responsible for putting community at the centre of everything that we do however, in my mind, “To be heard and for the words to have actions – Traditional Owners voice: improving government relationships and supporting strong foundations” is the first time that we have sought to capture the voices of Traditional Owners in a collective manner. With 120 Traditional Owners consulted over an eight-month period, it is important that you respect the unique voices that come through in this report by determining how your actions as a government agency will give heed to the words that you will read in the following pages.

To the Traditional Owners who participated in these important projects, I thank you for your trust in my team and Aboriginal Victoria. We will endeavour to promote your voice with respect and determine to influence actions that are important to you.

Tim Kanoa

Executive Director
Aboriginal Victoria