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Signing of Treaty Negotiation Framework and Fund

Today is a moment in history. Today, we take Treaty further than we've ever seen in this country and on these shores, and because of that, we've taken generations of aspiration for Treaty and turned it into tangible outcomes, to give a launchpad of how our Traditional Owners throughout Victoria, and how a First Peoples' Assembly will negotiate a statewide Treaty and Traditional Owner treaties over Country.

Today, we're announcing an agreement on the Treaty Negotiation Framework and the Self-Determination Fund; two final elements required for Treaty to progress in Victoria. I don't know about you fellas, but it takes my breath away.

The knowledge that after so many years of asking and talking and pushing, and I can say that my Elders have done that, and they worked really hard. I actually stand on their shoulders. They were giants. So, today is history-making stuff, and we all should be proud of this extraordinary and transformative piece of work that's going to improve the lives of Aboriginal people for generations to come.