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Traditional Owner negotiation skills workshop

This 3-day workshop for Victorian Traditional Owners provides skills and tools to help prepare and negotiate agreements.

This 3-day negotiation skills workshop is tailored to Victorian Traditional Owners. The workshop provides essential skills and tools to help Traditional Owner groups prepare for and negotiate agreements.

The workshop:

  • Builds on the knowledge and skills of Traditional Owner participants.
  • Provides opportunities for Traditional Owners to network and learn from each other.
  • Is interactive and provides lots of opportunities to practice skills and debrief.
  • Includes role plays and case studies based on everyday life as well as Traditional Owner agreement making.

Workshop outline

Preparing for negotiations:

  • getting clear – about your own goals and needs
  • having a structured way for a negotiation team to prepare
  • setting an agenda
  • standing in the other persons shoes to be able to influence them more effectively
  • developing options and strategies to get a better result
  • understanding your own negotiation style

In the room:

  • listening to understand, asking questions and talking to be heard
  • managing emotions: your own and others
  • managing an agenda and being flexible at the same time

When things get difficult:

  • responding to and managing conflict
  • not getting overwhelmed or losing confidence
  • breaking deadlocks


This workshop is open to Victorian Traditional Owners and 16 places are available.

To get the best out of the workshop, participants need to commit to attend all 3 days.

We encourage:

  • 2 or more Traditional Owners from a group
  • Traditional Owners from a number of different groups
  • participants who are experienced in Traditional Owner business as well as younger participants who are seeking to step up and get more involved

If more nominations than places are received, priority is given to Traditional Owners currently involved in or getting ready for Right People for Country agreement making projects.


This course runs each year.


Melbourne and regional Victoria


This training is fully funded by the Right People for Country program.

First Peoples - State Relations covers all workshop costs including accommodation, meals and training for participants.

Time commitment

To get the best out of the workshop, participants need to attend the full 3 days.

How to apply

We will update this page when we are taking nominations for our next training workshop. If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, you can contact Dylan Clarke to register your interest.



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Reviewed 05 October 2021

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